Stour Surgery Patient Group


Our PPG is a voluntary community of patients, just like you, who care deeply about the quality of healthcare services provided by our NHS doctor's surgery. It serves as a vital link between patients and healthcare professionals, creating a channel for open communication, feedback, and collaboration.

Who Can Join?

Everyone! Whether you're a long-standing patient or new to our surgery, your unique perspective and experiences are valuable. We believe in an inclusive and diverse PPG, reflecting the community we serve. All patients registered with Stour Surgery can become members of this group and we believe that creating a virtual group will increase this accessibility as you can choose to interact with posts and participate at a time that is convenient to you.

Why Join the PPG?

  • Have a Voice: By becoming a member of the PPG, you'll gain a platform to voice your opinions, suggestions, and concerns about the services you receive. Your input will directly influence the decisions made to enhance patient experiences.
  • Shape Services: Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our doctor's surgery. We value your ideas and want to ensure that our services meet the diverse needs of our community.
  • Improve Healthcare: Together, we can work towards improving healthcare services and ensure that they are patient-centered, efficient, and accessible to all.
  • Be an Advocate: As a PPG member, you can act as an advocate for patients in our community, championing positive changes, and ensuring that your fellow patients' concerns are heard.
  • Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: Joining the PPG allows you to interact with other patients who share your passion for healthcare improvement.

Its objectives are: 

  • To encourage patients to take an increased interest in the running and welfare of the Surgery.
  • To carry out fund raising activities with a view to help in providing medical equipment over and above that provided by the National Health Service.
  • To carry out patient surveys so as to obtain the comments and suggestions of patients.
  • Under the guidance of medical staff, to advance patient education in health care by means of lectures, forums and self help groups.

By joining our Patient Participation Group, you become an agent of positive change. Your active role helps craft a superior healthcare experience for our entire community. Together, let's ensure our doctor's surgery delivers outstanding services prioritizing patient well-being. If you are interested, please click on the ‘Join the Virtual PPG’ below.

We are always keen to hear the views of any patients who wish to comment on any aspect of the surgery services or activities. Please click on the 'Contact Us' tab above and let has have your views.

Join the Virtual PPG